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Design Concepts

Every maker hopefully has a philosophy which helps them make their pieces play as well as they can and allow the equipment to get out of the way of the player.  My philosophy is based on the analytical study of a multitude of mouthpieces, discussions with other players about mouthpieces, and seat of the pants experiences.  There are many different styles of mouthpieces and each one has a general set of design parameters which work best with them. 

For saxophone mouthpieces, I believe that most players prefer a very efficient facing curve and all of our jazz pieces and the majority of our classical pieces have this type of facing on them, more.  Some classical saxophone players prefer a slight bit of resistance and I have built curves to give that feedback to the player that desires this kind of curve as well. 

Clarinet mouthpieces have a different set of needs that differ in many ways from a saxophone mouthpiece.  The curves I employ on all of my pieces are very similar to the curves used by the great old Frank L. Kaspar mouthpieces but provide slightly less resistance.  Jazz pieces are designed with even less resistance and larger tip openings. 

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