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Used Alto Pieces

Chicago Mouthpieces offers a variety of quality hand faced used mouthpieces for the discerning musician.  All of the pieces offered for sale on the site have been personally inspected, measured, and tweaked by Ed Svoboda.  Every piece is inspected, measured, and play tested before any modifications are made in order to come up with a game plan on how to make the piece play as well as possible.

Martin Large Chamber Vintage Martin large chamber.  Piece has been opened up to .062" and works well with harder reeds.  The facing length is 21mm.  Well suited for a player who likes a closed tip and barrel chamber.  Great playing piece.   $70.00
Woodwind Company 4E B5 This is an interesting piece.  It is a Woodwind Company blank but the name Woodwind Company is not to be found.  The table is stamped B5.  The piece has a serial number of 3376.  I've filled with black epoxy two noticeable chips/gouges in addition to a complete refacing.  The piece plays wonderfully and has more edge than the typical large chamber piece of the era but is by no means edgy!    $45.00
Vintage Large Chamber
Great vintage large chamber piece for the player after the Rascher sound.  Minimal baffle.  Metal Shank ring.  Probably from the 1930's or earlier.  This piece was opened up to .067" and the facing length is 22mm.   $60.00
Vintage Large Chamber Another large chamber blank.  This one is labeled "2" on the side and has been refaced to .060" with a 20mm facing length.  Minor calcification remains on the inside of the piece.  Nice playing piece for the player after that large chamber classical sound for a reasonable price.   $40.00
Woodwind Company Meliphone Special "B6" "Steel Ebonite" Vintage short shank with metal ring that has been previously refaced.  I adjusted the width of the side rails and polished the beak.  The facing curve was well done and the facing length is 20mm.  This piece has had some of the baffle removed which makes this piece a very focused almost classical piece.  The tip measures .075".   $40.00

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