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Used Clarinet Pieces

Chicago Mouthpieces offers a variety of quality hand faced used mouthpieces for the discerning musician.  All of the pieces offered for sale on the site have been personally inspected, measured, and tweaked by Ed Svoboda.  Every piece is inspected, measured, and play tested before any modifications are made in order to come up with a game plan on how to make the piece play as well as possible.  It is recommended that all of our clarinet mouthpieces be recorked to best fit your instrument.  Additionally, most of the pieces on the site are used unless otherwise stated and may have minor scratches on them from ligature use or previous storage.

Selmer B* This B* is of a more recent vintage and has been brought into the vintage spec of a B*.  Facing length is 35 and the tip is 1.05mm (approximately .041").  Rails were evened, table flattened, and the facing curve has been adjusted.  Very nice playing piece.   $50.00
Vandoren 7 Older Vandoren piece (they haven't made these for at least 15 years) made from quality hard rubber that has been totally refaced using a Frank L. Kaspar type curve.  Facing length is now 36 and the tip is 1.02mm (approximately .040").  Great playing French classical piece with a smooth full tone.    $50.00
Noblet 2V Totally refaced student mouthpiece.  Facing length is 34 and the tip is 1.025mm (approximately .041").  Plays with a brighter classical tone.   $30.00
Riffault X5 blank Total reface.  Facing length is 30 and tip is 1.07mm.  Excellent playing piece with a very rich full tone.   $55.00
Selmer HS* Recent Vintage HS* brought back into Selmer spec with a minor reface including table flattening.  Facing length is 35 and the tip is .96mm.  This piece has a noticable scratch in the chamber of the piece on the roof.    $40.00

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