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Used Mouthpieces

Chicago Mouthpieces offers a variety of quality hand faced used mouthpieces for the discerning musician.  All of the pieces offered for sale on the site have been personally inspected, measured, and tweaked by Ed Svoboda.  Every piece is inspected, measured, and play tested before any modifications are made in order to come up with a game plan on how to make the piece play as well as possible.

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Mouthpiece Advice

Whenever you move to a new piece it is best to use a new reed.  Reeds can conform to the facing curve of a piece over time and as a result will likely be a poor match if placed on a different mouthpiece.  Your new mouthpiece may require you to change the strength of reeds that you use.  The size of the opening as well as the facing curve, chamber configuration, and baffle all contribute to the style and strength of reed needed so don't assume that just because your new piece shares the same tip opening as your present piece that the same reeds will work.  Finally, some mouthpieces are beloved from the first blow; others may require significant adjustment from your present main piece.  If you are making a significant change in mouthpieces it is advisable that you commit to the new piece for a reasonable period of time to ensure that you have given yourself every opportunity to explore the spirit of the piece.

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