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Why Reface?

While all makers have specs that their mouthpieces are suppose to be produced to it is more and more rare that they actually hit the mark.  Mouthpieces made by the masters were hand faced and tweaked until they played right but even some of the great makers of the past turned out product that varied.  Today we have an even worse situation since most mouthpieces are mass produced in order to maximize profit.  Most mass produced pieces receive very little if any personal attention.  This is why most players will play as many examples of a given piece before purchasing one - hoping that they got a truly good mouthpiece not just the best of a bad bunch.  Thankfully, there are a few "boutique" makers who pride themselves on the attention to detail of the old masters.

Refacing is the art and science of making a mouthpiece play as well as it can for the player.  It's the science of measuring and adjusting tip opening, baffle shapes, rails, chambers, facing lengths, curves, and flattening the table.  It's the art of balancing the various pieces of science into a piece that plays great for the player.  I use a combination of tools similar to those of the old masters as well as improved tools for measuring that allow for a high degree of accuracy.  Additionally, I employ the use of computers to analyze mouthpieces, plot data and enhance designs.




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